Our Radiologists


By having a specialized teleradiology department specifically dedicated to looking after teleradiology cases we can ensure the smooth flow of reports within 24 hours of us receiving the images and paperwork. As experienced teleradiology providers, we know that occasional problems do occur with the sending and receiving of images from remote areas. That’s why we have dedicated teleradiology administrators who’s job it is to identify any problems and rectify them as soon as they occur.

To ensure that our services are as user friendly as possible, we arrange for Medicare to pay directly into the account of our teleradiology partners. We then provide an itemized bill at the end of every month for our teleradiology reporting services.

It’s a system that has proven to be successful with more than a dozen radiographer/ sonographer owned teleradiology partners now sending us their cases for remote reporting. In addition to private teleradiology partners, we also provide teleradiology services to several remote public hospital sites across Queensland with all contracts being recently renewed.

If you would like any further information regarding our teleradiology services please feel free to contact Jim through the contact page.