Our Radiologists

One of the most important parts of X-Ray & Imaging is our Radiologist Reporting services. As well as providing patients will Bulk Billed medical imaging on the Sunshine Coast, our specialists also provide Radiologist Reporting services for other Teleradiology sites across Australia.

In 2004 we began providing this service to radiographer and sonographer owned practices that did not have their own doctors to provide their Radiologist reporting. These practices got in contact with us to see if we could help. Eight years on and we now provide Radiologist reporting to more than a dozen remote sites all across Qld, NSW, Victoria as well as several government hospitals who do not have their own on-site Radiologist reporting service.

Radiologist Reporting

Although we do not charge any extra for urgent cases we do ask that they are kept to a minimum. By keeping the urgent cases to a manageable number we can ensure their fast passage through our system and ensure each site gets their urgent studies back in the shortest possible time.

At X-Ray & Imaging, It is our intention that we make life as easy as possible for our Teleradiology partners. We inform Medicare to pay directly into your account and provide you with an itemised bill for all your Radiologist reporting at the end of each month.